The Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS) is planning to hold the 3rd Annual Media Conference  whose theme will be communicated before end of September, 2020. The 3rd Media Conference is a continuation of the preceding conference, and it will work on the resolutions made by participants.

Started in 2016 by GLCSMS, the conference brings together journalists and prominent dignitaries to deliberate on a selected conference theme, and other issues of development in northern Uganda.

The conference will be held at All Saints University Lango (ASUL), Lira city on a date to be communicated. Unlike First and Second Conferences, this year’s conference will discuss: media’s contribution to creating positive awareness during pandemic and elections.

The conference will also debate on media suppression during critical period by the Government, and other individuals or groups. It’s worth to note that the media plays a key role in the development of a nation, and yet, during their course of doing so, they are denied critical information to support their reportage and broadcast.

2020 Theme

Media’s contribution to creating positive awareness during pandemic and elections.


All Saints University Lango (ASUL)


23rd October, 2020

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To create a media-public link aimed for nation’s development.
  2. To reshape and transform public debate through different media platforms.
  3. To encourage media and stakeholders to share positive information.
  4. Produce professional and responsible broadcasters.
  5. Transform the region into a place media is reliable and respected.

Who attends the conference?

Since 2016, the conference has been attended by journalists, media directors and students. Members of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), local and central government, including police officers, business community, and management from learning institutions, cultural, religious and political leaders have been part of the previous conferences.

In the forthcoming conference, we intend to maintain the status quo believing that they are all stakeholders in seeing a better media for the society.